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Gate valve Pressure seal 900

Salient Feature

The pressure seal gate valves supplied by Usmani Valves are mainly used in high temperature & high pressure applications such as power-plant steam service. The pressure sealed bonnet-body joint is a more positive way of sealing compared to its bolted bonnet counterparts because the internal pressure of the valve is used for bonnet sealing.

As the line pressure is elevated, the load between the sealing surface of bonnet and tapered gasket tends to be increased – the higher the line pressure (valve internal pressure), the greater the sealing force against the bonnet gasket. Hence a more effective sealing can be achieved. USMANI Valve’s pressure sealed gate valves are available in cast/forged carbon steel, alloy steel, or stainless steel materials furnished with end connections of butt welding (BW), socket welding(SW) and flanged(RF/RTJ). They are designed as per API 600 and ASME B16.34 covering pressure ratings of Class Class 900, Class 1500, Class 2500

  • Flexible Wedge for improved seating and ease of operation,
    Especially in high temperature service.
    Wedges are accurately guided thru the entire stroke.
  • • Valves are full port design per ASME B16.34 Table A-1.
  • • Standard trim is stellite faced seat and disc seat surfaces, and
    13% chrome stem (API trim 5).Other trims available on request.
  • Seat faces lapped for smooth finish and superior sealing.
  • Stems are non-rotating with surface finish to maximize packing
    Seal for low fugitive emissions.
  • Yoke arms designed for ease of gear, motor or cylinder actuator adaptation.
  • Each valve is shell, seat and backseat pressure tested per industry standard API 598.
  • Gland is two piece gland / gland flange design for optimal alignment and uniform packing compression.
  • Each valve has a unique certification number that is traceable to the valve certification sheet which
    Includes MTR data, pressure test report, inspection report and certificate of conformance.
  • Valve sizes 4” and smaller have bonnet take up ring design instead of support plate design.
  • Weld end valves are B16.10 short pattern design. Flanged end valves are available on request and are B16.10 long-pattern design. Weld end valve dimensions given in table on next page.
  • Other available options as follows: -Alternate valve materials such as chrome and stainless steel alloys
    -Alternate trim materials -Bypass, drain and other auxiliary connections
    -Gear, motor, and cylinder actuators available -NACE service
    -Special cleaning for applications such as oxygen or chlorine-Other options available as specified
  • Specification:
    Design API, British standard API 600
    Material Cast Steel CS ASTM A 216 WCB, WC6, WC9, WC5, LCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M .
    Disc & Seat CS SS304.304L, SS316, 316L,
    Trims F6 SS 304,304L, 316,316L, satellite HF etc.
    Action Hand Wheel and Gear Box
    Rating ASA 900,
    Ends conn.Flanged ends, Butt weld, B16.10, B16.25
    Size 2" To 20"
    Mfg. BS 1414, API 600
    Testing API 598, BS 6755
    Application Oil, Gas, Air, Water, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals , Acid, Foods, Vacuum, Heat Treatment, Paper & Sugar Industries, Petroleum Industries, Edible oil industries