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Globe valve class 150

Salient Feature

USMANI VALVES Co.PVT LTD. Reputed as one of the major Globe Valve Manufacturers, Usmani Valve acts as a premier entity catering to the necessities for a functional globe valve. Usmani Globe Valves are used within several machineries and industries such as steam, service, and processing pipelines. Globe valves are widely used for

single-streamed flow control and works efficiently for regulating facilities.

We are characterized as one of the reputed Globe Valve Manufacturers and works on enhancing the work efficiency while delivering performance. Some of the features are as follows:

The globe valve is made out of a baffle that parts within the pipe, which is ordinarily parallel to the pipe’s length. The baffle has an opening that is vacuum-stuffed utilizing a level attachment or a plate that is pushed down in the seat or opening parallel to the pipe to break the flow inside the pipe. Outside the pipe, a structure identified as a bonnet holds a stem that is joined to the plate. At the upper piece of the hood is the hand wheel that is used by one’s self to screw down the stem including the plate at its end till the circle seals itself contacting the seat opening. At the point when a globe valve is utilized in huge enterprises, it very well may be shut using a pneumatic, electrical of pressure driven actuator instead of a manual hand wheel.

  • ASME 16.34, API 602
  • Bolted Bonnet, Pressure Sealed Bonnet, Welded Bonnet
  • Pressure Class 150 To 900
  • NPS ½” To 16”
  • RF, RTJ, BW,
  • Plug Disc, Adjustable Disc, Double Disc
  • Back Seat Design
  • Outside Screw and Yoke (OS& Y)
  • Renewable Seat, Welded Seat, Integral Seat
  • Product Types

    Straight types
    Y types
    Angle Types

    Based on Body Bonnet Connection

    Screwed bonnet

    Optional features:
    Lantern ring
    Leak-Off & Packing Expulses
    Locking device
    Stem extension
    Low emission packing
    Bellows seal
    Zero stem leakage